Starohic properties have extensive experience organizing joint ventures to acquire, develop, finance, and operate real estate in Lagos State and other part of Nigeria. We routinely use venture entities for the acquisition, development, and operation of a wide range of properties, including office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and resort properties, apartment complexes, residential plots developments, mixed-use assets, and multi-property portfolios.

Our clients include; developers, real estate investment advisors, fund sponsors, real estate operating companies, lenders, hotel operators. and Communities.

We also understand and advise our clients on the fiduciary and other duties that play an integral role in venture arrangements, and we structure our deals to provide the maximum protection to our clients. From experience with a wide variety of joint venture structures, we strongly believe in employing a collaborative approach that is intended to efficiently produce a venture structure and venture documents that are clear, practical, fair, and in the interests of all parties. We are proud of the fact that, even when we represent a minority investor during formation of a joint venture, we are often selected by the managing member to represent the venture itself following formation.