For more than a decade, Starohic Founder has operated as a “Grade A” Construction professional in Nigeria before the established of the company.  Starohic is specialized in providing turn-key solutions in construction industry, featuring Design, Engineering, and Construction & Property Management.

Client satisfaction has always been the ethos of Starohic Properties. This is accomplished by a combination of exceptional service, high-end finishing Quality, compliance with Health, Safety & Environment best practices, rules and regulations in addition to providing professional teams and maintaining an excellent relationship with all Clients.

To be highly efficacious in the competitive Lagos market and to stand the competitive advantage, Starohic Executed a new information technology platform which serves as ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and project collaboration tool (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3).

Starohic’s status is due to the commitment and vision of the Top Management and ensured by a team of highly qualified engineers, architects, and other specialists in the company’s departments.

Starohic’s Fundamental Values are clearly replicated in the human resource policies. Starohic’s Top Management arrange the interests of their Clients and Employees since the former is Starohic’s future wealth and the latter is our intelligent asset. Realizing those values has earned us the trust of our many valued clients. But we are by no means satisfied. As a Corporation, we have set our sights on a future of further progression and development.

What We Do ?

Starohic delivers a comprehensive range of Construction Solutions:
Starting from state-of-the-art Project Ideas which are communicated to our valued Customers and then transformed to Concept Designs and developed further to become executable Designs, Starohic endures all the way toward executing those Designs in the field in the best way and finally Managing the finished properties and providing the necessary Maintenance Services.

The above is realized by Starohic’s proficient team of Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Cost Analysts and Business Professionals and the endowment of the necessary skilled workforce to do the tasks on site.